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Sep 18

Anonymous said: Is your fiance gonna be home in time for the baby? My dad was home for my birth and my brother's but Mom spent a lot of time single parenting it until he got out of the navy. How does being an unwed SO work re: Aussie navy? Here in the US, SOs get zero military benefits, they can't get military housing, military won't move them, no health care, etc etc. A lot of military get married early here because you can get stationed a world away from your SO (my mom was 18, dad was 21 for example).

Hello anon!

Yes, he’ll be home in time, luckily. I’m due mid-December (the 16th) and he’s coming back mid-ish November. If there are any delays I will probably kill him, but I don’t think there will be.

And to be honest, the Australian Defense Force is FANTASTIC about providing for de facto spouses - same sex partners as well, to my knowledge. When Trav was posted over here in WA, the ADF paid for everything to do with my move over from Melbourne, up to and including flights and accommodation for my cat. They got movers to pack everything up for me, and even put me up in a hotel for two weeks while we waited for our stuff to get driven across the country (Trav was still living on base). And because there wasn’t any defense housing available at the time, we get an extra rent allowance in his pay. To the best of my knowledge, us getting married would make absolutely no difference to my status.

Also, and this is cute, Trav’s chief had my due date wrong, he thought I was having the baby on SEPTEMBER 16th. And he’d already organised flights - including helicopter transfers, apparently - to make sure Trav got home in time. Bless.

So yes, apart from the crippling loneliness of being by myself all the time, the Navy has been very good to me. It sucks that it’s not the same over in the US :( Although it does explain why they’re all married so young, which was something I’d noticed and wondered about.

Anonymous said: So let's say you get the cuddle - do you want the Kaner cuddle or the Jonny cuddle? Or maybe cuddle between them while they're cuddling?

The cuddle looks pretty great from both sides, tbh. Tazer all big and tall and solid with his arms steady around Kaner’s waist, Kaner reaching up and clinging, arms thrown tight around Tazer’s neck…how could I choose? So we’ll say me in the middle, but sans-pads.

But really, I would take a cuddle from just about anyone right now. You’re not a Yote or an Av? Line on up.

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Sep 17

“Even when I’m not laying face-down on the floor literally, I am always laying face-down on the floor figuratively. In my heart or whatever.” Achilles, Book 18 (via incorrectclassics)

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Hockey is making me sad tonight. Though I did like this moment where Sharpie wouldn’t let the Preds get aggressive with Toews.

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  • edging
  • overstimulation
  • cross dressing
  • face sitting
  • D/s with switching
  • pet names during filthy sex
  • threesomes where person a tells person b exactly how person c likes it (and variations)
  • sexy awkward kink negotiations
  • intercrural sex
  • sex tears

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Why people ask me shit like “how was work?” or “how is school?” like work is work, school is school, I would rather be on a yacht right now while gettin some dick but here I am

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