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Jan 15

sycamoretrees said: I have to say, I know it's frustrating but I'm actually glad this whole puck bunny discussion is happening. I was saying to someone, fandom in general talks big about feminism but quite often fails to apply it in reality; and particularly in hockey fandom, where it's a primarily female fanbase dealing with an overwhelmingly male subject, sometimes we let this stuff slide too easily. This is worth making a noise about, as women, and as fans, because nobody else is going to do it for us.

I agree! I think there’s no point in me calling myself a feminist if I partake in a fandom so problematic in its attitude to women without standing up and saying, hey, guys, that shit is not cool.

This is something we NEED to talk about. And WE need to do it, you’re so right - it’s not gonna happen by itself. This is at least as important a subject as fourth walls and journalistic integrity, god. Why do people arc up at the slightest threat to their fannish security from outside, but not at the blatant sexism perpetrated within the fandom itself? I think people need to notice this and get angry about it.

I’m not saying that I’m gonna be some feminist warrior screaming all over my dash all the time about this, but if I see something offensive, I’m not gonna let it slide.

(yeah, yeah, gold star for me, whatever. IF YOU UNFOLLOW ME OVER THIS IT MEANS YOU’RE A BAD PERSON THO)

  1. hanetry said: I think it’s important to talk about esp for younger fans. When I was a bb hockey fan, there were no girls I knew that actually liked the game, just the players, and I wish I had been taught me that their fannish-ness was no less legit than mine.
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